Boxing Experience

Boxing at School
and Inside the Ring

In the “Boxing Experience Busto Arsizio 2024,” the most significant socio-cultural event will be the one with the schools of the territory, to which a spin-off of the national FPI project “Learning through Boxing – Educational School Boxing” will be dedicated. This spin-off focuses on a practical and theoretical course to be conducted during regular school hours, led by the teaching team and sports coaches.

"The Encounter with the Champion" Last step will be "The Meeting with the Champion," where FPI Ambassadors will share their sports and personal journeys, engaging in discussions with students and teachers about the educational path offered.


Learning the Rules and Technical-Motor Skills of Boxing


Learning Ethical and Sporting Values


Combating Bullying and Cyberbullying


Reducing Sports and School Dropout

"At the end of the course, students and teachers will have the opportunity to experience the 'boxing experience' as 'ring-side spectators' alongside the FPI Ambassadors ('Boxing Heroes' – each student can identify with their Sports Hero)."