the Territory

The Positive Impact
on the Territory
"The World Tournament will have a positive impact on the economy and communities of the involved territories, with potential benefits, particularly with regard to the development goals of the areas concerned, including Busto Arsizio, Milan, Varese, Cardano al Campo, and Malpensa."

The economic impact will be measurable, and the social impact will emerge over time as a result of the involvement of social, sports, institutional, and productive entities in the territory. This involvement will also have effects in terms of indirect taxes, VAT, visibility, social policies, and a lasting legacy.

Historic center of an Italian city. Busto Arsizio town, piazza S
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Physical benefits In the assessment of social impact, intangible "physical benefits" generated by events attended or participated in can also be considered.

Sense of well-being in participating

Stress reduction;
Fostering a sense of pride and belonging to a community or a place.

Sharing of values

Sharing values for which people can support an event even if they know there are direct repercussions for them.

Social integration

Social integration


Exchanges between locals and external guests.

Social commitment

Promotion of social and civic engagement (volunteerism)

Role models

Creation of positive role models (athletes, coaches, ambassadors).

The Environmental Sustainability The Boxing Experience will also be green. Tournament participants will be hosted in the facilities of the Accor Group and Best Western, for whom environmental protection is fundamental.

In this perspective, quality services will be guaranteed to guests, respecting nature through energy management systems and eco-friendly procedures aimed at reducing the impact of their activities on the environment and meeting sustainability criteria, thus contributing to reducing environmental impact and CO2 emissions.

In order to achieve low environmental impact goals, the choice of location for the construction of this sports event has been significant to minimize resource, material, and energy consumption, including the use of infrastructure (arena, accommodations, transportation) and incorporating information technology for ecological initiatives. As for the Sports Arena, the choice fell on the E-Work Arena in Busto Arsizio – located within the Parco Alto Milanese - a green facility that sustains itself thanks to energy produced by photovoltaic panels installed in the outdoor parking area.

For a low-impact transportation solution, collaboration will be initiated with partners offering sustainable and intelligent mobility solutions, providing electric cars or hybrid vehicles and services tailored to different needs, focused on a conscious choice in economic and environmental terms and on sharing a message directly to tournament participants, which will emphasize innovation, quality, and safety.