Federazione Pugilistica Italiana


We believe in Work and Sacrifice.

We believe in People and the Power of Ideas. We believe that with Strength, Passion, and Identity, any goal can be pursued.

We believe that Ethics and Sustainability drive every sports and social action.

We believe in Innovation and Smart Synergies.

We believe that the Outcome may be occasional, but the Performance is not.


The Italian Boxing Federation promotes, organizes, and supports Italian Boxing in all its forms, aiming for competitive success and the physical and mental well-being of amateur athletes.

From the Athlete to the Enthusiast,
from the Adult to the Child.
It has been doing so since 1916.

It does so by looking its opponent in the eye and never lowering its guard.

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OUR community
17.000.000 Boxing enthusiasts in Italy
4.163.000 The digital audience
9.372 IBA and PRO athletes
1.039 Affiliated organizations
60.144 Registered members
10.000 IBA and PRO matches per year
231 The referees and judges
3.089 The sports coaches
40.289 Amateur and youth athletes
375.000 Amateur competitors and practitioners