Allianz and FPI towards the Olympic dream

Published on January 24, 2024

Leading up to the Olympic Qualification Tournament in Busto Arsizio, Allianz and FPI continue their harmonious relationship with a shared vision. Allianz, the Gold sponsor of the Italian Boxing Federation, assumes the role of Main Sponsor for the event taking place from March 3rd to 11th, where over 500 boxers from around the world will compete to secure coveted spots for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Allianz and FPI share a broad vision encompassing sports, culture, and social aspects, with a focus on youth, aiming to instill the values of the ring – inspired by shared principles such as loyalty, honesty, and fair play – into communities and schools.

For one year, Allianz will support FPI, with a particular focus on youth development, and will specifically endorse federal Social Responsibility initiatives aimed at combating bullying, cyberbullying, and youth deviancy, as well as those supporting inclusion and disabilities, in line with initiatives led by the Allianz UMANA MENTE Foundation.